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We’re not here to just tell you what to do or what not to do.

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We believe in a holistic approach to education and life. Our educational experiences will transform you and your business from the inside out. We are here to guide you through the process of discovering why you do what you do in order to implement a greater level of intentionality in your life and create a business that thrives.

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“We want to take broad topics and break them apart into in-depth courses that give you real, tangible knowledge, and we feel so confident that this is going to help you become the best photographer that you can possibly be.”


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Immersed Education began as a dream between two extremely passionate, entrepreneurial artists. It all started with the idea to take a bunch of ambitious photographers out on a trip together internationally. The goal was to help our participants take a literal step outside of their comfort zones — culturally, physically, artistically, professionally, and relationally.

We saw how much of an impact our workshops were having on people, and it absolutely blew us away. There is something about traveling together, experiencing culture shock together, pushing each other to grow past previous boundaries, sharing vulnerable stories of struggle or loss with one another, and forming life-long connections with other photographers, that left an indelible imprint on each one of our souls. At its core, photography is about sharing the way you see the world with others. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer you more than an education; more than some helpful business strategies; and more than that ever elusive “secret” behind getting the perfect shot. Immersed Education is about learning to think, live, and work so intentionally that others begin to ask what your secret is.


International Elopement
Photographer & Educator


Owner & Creative Director
at Mae&Co Creative

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Megan Putney

Erika Laub

Alyssa Vanzo

Composition & Storytelling BUNDLE

Composition & Storytelling BUNDLE

Composition & Storytelling BUNDLE

Anni, I just finished both of your courses. Wow. I felt emotional purchasing your course but actually diving into them was an incredible experience.

Hi Anni!! I just have to you know that your composition and story telling courses are already having usch an impact on my work and the way I approach shooting and I can’t thank you enough for creating something so pricelessly valuable and helpful.

Anni! I’m watching your storytelling course and I’ve never resonated with anything so much!

Everything from how you speak about marriage, to the need for quiet space to connect, to intentionally leaving time during a shoot for “breaks”… I feel like I’m watching myself through another person.

It’s so inspiring to watch how you pivoted your entire business around self-awareness, and how you’ve allowed your own life experiences to inspire your process.

I can’t say enough how much I love this course, and how desperately its needed by every wedding or couple photographer. Thank you!

Truly. I feel like your courses were the missing pieces I needed to really create images that feel meaningful to me and to my couples. I finished the courses feeling hopeful and looking forward to not posing. There is so much depth to these courses, more than the things you actually said, and watching you put everything into action in the live session with Manda really solidified everything. Thank you, seriously for putting this out into the world. It was so needed.

I used to feel like I’d kinda of just place people in front of a general area that looked nice without giving much though to the lines or framing it was creating and now I feel like I can envision a full frame shot before it even happens. I’m still working thorugh the courses but I had to just say thank you!

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Here’s What You Need to Know about the Bundle

Investing is hard. That’s the flat-out truth. The other flat-out truth? Investing is part of the equation to growth. So here we stand as entrepreneurs, figuring out where our money is best spent, and how we can really reach our potential as photographers and creators.


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Immersed Education is about learning to think, live and work so intentionally that others begin to ask what your secret is.

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