Hannah Shea

Photographer & Filmmaker

Portland, Oregon

We are Hannah & Cole. Our love sprouted from long drives to anywhere, endless polaroids of each other, and our fearless attitude about the future. Our love for documenting has always been rooted in us individually, but it wasn’t until we started dating about 5 years ago that something sparked a fire to capture the big moments, small everyday moments, and everything in between. We quickly became storytellers & filled up photo albums almost weekly. Spending our savings on film for our next road-trip, splurging on a little more gas so we could make that crazy detour to a sweet lookout spot, or secretly snapping an iPhone pic of each other while cooking our favorite meal. We shared a fire for taking the time to document our lives and a love for investing everything we could in a format that always felt close to the heart.

Hannah takes photos, Cole makes films, and naturally our passions crossover as we dabble in each others art forms from time to time. We began offering film to couples when we realized it was a part of our relationship we couldn’t live without. We knew we wanted this at our wedding so why weren’t we offering it to others? It was a no-brainer. We quickly became obsessed with documenting others’ lives and sharing our passion of capturing memories for future generations.




Some facts about me

Hannah is a photographer based in Portland, OR, known for her ability to capture raw emotion, natural beauty, authentic experiences, and compelling narratives. Her fiance, Cole Becker, is an independent filmmaker and serves as a second shooter for Hannah at weddings. Together, they've learned the ins and outs of film photography by documenting as much of their own lives as possible, before ultimately offering their finely tuned skills to clients.

At a typical shoot, Hannah will have about half-a-dozen different film cameras slung around her neck at once, while Cole prepares several more to replace them a moment later. Working with film has become second nature for both of them. For Hannah and Cole, film has always been much more than a hobby, it's a way of life. Film has become their path towards living more intentionally, and interacting more intimately with each moment along the way.


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