Intentional Living.


Educational Experiences.

We are here to transform you and your business from the inside out.

Authenticity matters

Creativity needs practice 

We need each other

Your business

is not who you are

Passion without inspiration is impossible

Success is about fulfillment, not money

Experience is the most powerful way to learn

Your world is as small as the cultures you’ve encountered

Business is about your clients, not the competition

If you simply wait for change, you’ll be there a while

To involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest.


Immersed Education began as a dream between two extremely passionate, entrepreneurial artists. It all started with the idea to take a bunch of ambitious photographers out on a trip together internationally. The goal was to help our participants take a literal step outside of their comfort zones — culturally, physically, artistically, professionally, and relationally.

We wanted our workshops to be different. We wanted them to be more than a series of courses, or a professional networking opportunity, although both of those elements are well within the scope of our vision. We wanted to create an experience that would never be forgotten. We wanted this to be an undeniable turning point in our participants' lives and careers. We believe that we accomplished all of this, and much more. Our workshops weren't just turning points in our students' lives, they were major turning points for us as well.

We saw how much of an impact these workshops were having on people, and it absolutely blew us away. There is something about traveling together, experiencing culture shock together, pushing each other to grow past previous boundaries, sharing vulnerable stories of struggle or loss with one another, and forming life-long connections with other photographers, that left an indelible imprint on each one of our souls.

At its core, photography is about sharing the way you see the world with others. Unique perspectives emerge, grow, and change alongside the people behind them. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer you more than an education; more than some helpful business strategies; and more than that ever elusive “secret” behind getting the perfect shot.

In a day and age where life and work increasingly happen online, we believe we can now bring all that we love about our workshops to you virtually, wherever you may be

Words from the Creators

“We want to take broad topics and break them apart into in-depth courses that give you real, tangible knowledge, and we feel so confident that this is going to help you become the best photographer that you can possibly be.”

70 Countries

12 Retreats

8 Years

We’ve been to collectively

Educating collectively

We’ve organized collectively

Featured in

Adventurers & Explorers

We are so excited to help you grow as a person as well as guide you towards discovering your specific style and skills as a photographer and creator.

We’ve worked as hard as humanly possible to provide you with top-of-the-line education on an authentic, community based platform.

Our central goal is that you will walk away from each IMMERSED experience feeling inspired and completely ready to take your life and business to the next level.

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Immersed Education is about learning to think, live and work so intentionally that others begin to ask what your secret is.

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