Here’s What You Need to Know about the Composition + Storytelling Course Bundle

Investing is hard. That’s the flat-out truth.

The other flat-out truth? Investing is part of the equation to growth.

So here we stand as entrepreneurs, figuring out where our money is best spent, and how we can really reach our potential as photographers and creators.

Enter the Composition + Storytelling Course Bundle by Anni Graham.

We’re ready to give you all the info on these courses, if they are worth it, and help you see how they have started to create waves for students who have already snagged them.

What is the bundle?

These courses have been created as a two-part series to form a comprehensive learning experience. The Composition course focuses on the tools and techniques every photographer needs to know in order to create strong, unique work. The Storytelling course brings it all to life by diving deep into discovering your why, plus a real-time live shoot to show you how to stop posing your couples and how to start telling their stories.

There aren’t enough words to express how important it is to master the technicalities of photography in addition to mastering authenticity within your images. They both need the other, and we believe wholeheartedly that they work together to get you to your fullest potential for clients, and for your own artistry.

We know these courses are invaluable, but don’t want you to just take our word for it.

Here are some words we’ve received from previous students who purchased the bundle. We knew these courses were knowledgeable & different than anything else in the education world, but wow have we been blown away by our students’ words & results.

“I’m not even halfway through the composition course and my mind is absolutely blown.” – Carrisa

“Your courses were the missing pieces I needed to really create images that feel meaningful to me and my couples.” – Erika

“I can’t say enough about how much I love this course and how desperately it’s needed by every wedding or couple photographer. Thank you” – Alyssa

“I purchased the bundle and finished both courses and am blown away. I have been feeling so stuck and sad about my work lately and wasn’t sure what to change. Then I saw you released these courses. So I just wanted to send a genuine thank you for providing this and going through it in such great detail, and for being so relatable and vulnerable.” – Lauren

There’s so much education out there that focuses on marketing, booking more clients, and growing your business, but it all relies on this assumption that you have really strong work. We’ve found that time and time again photographers come back to us frustrated as they feel they are doing everything right, but their business still isn’t thriving. And we believe that this is where you need to start. This is the foundation of every other business education out there. If you don’t have strong work that you feel deeply connected to, all your marketing, perfect website design, and social media strategies won’t go anywhere.

Simply put: this bundle is built to set you up for success.

Click here to purchase the bundle!

We can’t wait to see all the adventures you go on with this new knowledge. Are you ready for it?

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