Welcome to Immersed: Holistic Education for Photographers

We all set out to be different. You better believe that Immersed Education is here to be just that for the photography industry… but on a whole new level.

Immersed Education is an online, educational and social platform inspired by Immersed Workshops, which first showcased our bold and innovative approach to experience-based education for photographers.

We’ve taken courses, been through programs, & have purchased resources. You’re probably in the same boat. Sometimes it feels like there could be more though, right?

Welcome to Immersed. The depth you’ve been searching for.

We’re proudly different and fiercely dedicated to setting you up for success and fulfillment as not only a creative, but also as an adventurer.

Come along with us, let’s dive into what we are and who we are.

We want to help photographers succeed in a variety of new and upcoming trends and industries that are still attempting to define themselves. Our hope is to position our platform as an invaluable resource and gathering place for talented, ambitious, and like-minded creatives who desire not only to learn, but to meet and form lasting relationships with an incredibly widespread group.

We will offer guidance and knowledge from trail-blazing educators who are personally helping establish many of the soon-to-be-standard policies, practices, methods, and techniques that have proved successful in their respective fields. Topics such as storytelling through images, mindfulness in establishing a work-life balance, and visual composition will be offered as part of an ever-growing collection of educational courses that are tailored to your wants and needs, many of which you didn’t even know you had.

Here’s a word from some of our students who have experienced Immersed firsthand…

“These courses gutted me in the most unexpected and best way possible.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more understood or related to something more.”

“I have never been so obsessed over any other learning/workshop/mentor before.”

And now, an intro to our founders, the heart and soul of this brand on a mission to empower creatives worldwide…

Hi, I’m Anni, co-owner of Immersed Education and full-time destination and adventure elopement photographer. Whether it’s a multi-day trek out into the epic, Patagonian wilderness, or a sensorially stimulating, cultural deep-dive into the colorful streets of Southeast Asia, my life’s passion has been to provide timeless photos of unforgettable experiences for couples all around the world. It’s an unbelievable honor to capture sacred memories that my clients will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives.

At the beginning of my professional journey, all I really had were a couple of cameras, an unshakable desire to grow as an artist, and the willingness to dive head-first into the unknown. For me, Immersed Education is so much more than a business, it’s an expression and distillation of everything I’ve learned and loved about photography, travel, human connection, and conscientious entrepreneurialism over the course of my career. I got to where I am by completely immersing myself into my craft. I want to help you get there too.

I’m an artist at heart. I love composition, color, and emotional expression more than anything. I’m bringing all the knowledge I have of these core elements with me to my role as an educator at Immersed Education.

Hey! I’m Manda, co-owner of Immersed Education and owner of Mae&Co Creative. I have been planning anything and everything as far back as I can remember. Everything from travel itineraries to workout plans to luxury weddings and adventure elopements.

I’m equal parts enneagram 2 and 3 and if you don’t already know, what that means (in a nutshell) is that I am most motivated by helping others and achieving goals. Over the last handful of years, I have worked my butt off to be able to mesh these two greatest desires of mine and build businesses that create beauty and help others grow – both in ways I never thought possible.

Traveling, teaching, and creating are my greatest passions and when those passions are brought together- magic is inevitable. Ergo Immersed.

I truly believe Immersed is the next level of education for photographers and adventure seekers and I can’t wait to meet every, last, one of you.

It’s time to begin this adventure, we’re honored and humbled to have you here… wanting to experience more through experiences & resources!

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