Mastering the fundamentals of color, light, and visual perspective in photography.

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Having an awareness of composition will transform your work from the inside out

There’s something interesting that happens when you turn your art into a business. For most of us, including myself, we have such a deep love for photography – how it makes you feel, the stories you’re able to tell. But as soon as it becomes your career, your focus transitions from experimenting, playing, and exploring to learning how to run a business with systems, timelines, and deadlines.

I had lost sight of what I truly loved about photography and I consumed myself with growing, sustaining, and developing my business. And yet everything you do from marketing to website design only works when you have powerful images that showcase your abilities as a photographer.

Once I realized this and shifted my focus back to the art of photography, my work and business changed dramatically.

Composition is one of the most foundational qualities of a great photographer and yet there is no other education for it within the wedding industry.

Do you ever feel like…

We decided to change that and created the most comprehensive photography composition course out there. This course goes in depth into multiple techniques that are relevant to photographers who photograph couples, families or people in their work. As I’ve been teaching these techniques at our Immersed Workshops, I’ve seen photographers grow in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined and their work now stands out from a crowded sea of photographers.

You don’t feel confident in your work but you have no idea what you’re doing wrong

You’re doing everything right in terms of marketing and putting your work out there, but you aren’t booking the couples you want to book

You crave authenticity, emotion and depth in your images but you just can’t seem to figure out how to capture it

You desperately want to stand out in a saturated industry

You don’t know how to infuse creativity in your shoots because you are constantly stuck posing your couples


I'm here to guide you toward becoming the best photographer you can be.

After finishing this course, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your perspective and technical abilities as a photographer will grow exponentially.



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Table of Contents
4 Chapters | 10 Lessons | 3:00 Hours Content
Overview of Content
Anni teaches her holistic approach to composition, showing how it can be used to communicate emotion, and sharing techniques that can be applied to a variety of styles, locations, and subjects. This course is very content heavy, breaking down the different ways you can use light, framing, and visual perspective to create engaging images. Take it slow, topic by topic, and discover your true potential as an artist.
1. 1. Introduction
15:45 Min.
Why composition is so important
2. The Fundamentals of Composition
18:59 Min.
7:39 Min.
Horizon lines
55:21 Min.
37:36 Min.
Using light
7:32 Min.
Understanding the rule of thirds
1:54 Min.
Using symmetry
2:48 Min.
1:26 Min.
Leading lines
3. The Final Product
11:29 Min.
Elopement video
4. Practical Steps
3:38 Min.
Practical Steps

This course is going to be a game changer if you are…

Feeling like you’re stuck, your work just isn’t what you want it to be, and you aren’t sure why

A photographer who never learned composition, or has at one point … but it’s been a while

A photographer who photographs people anywhere, anytime; couples, individuals, families, etc.

Craving to shoot more destination-based work, but you have no idea how to powerfully capture a surrounding landscape in an image

Struggling to feel confident in your work, but don’t know what you’re missing

Feeling like you’re doing everything right as far as marketing, social media, and customer service goes, and yet you’re still having a hard time getting inquiries from your dream clients

About the Educator

Anni Graham

Hi, I’m Anni, co-owner of Immersed Education and full-time destination and adventure elopement photographer. Whether it’s a multi-day trek out into the epic, Patagonian wilderness, or a sensorially stimulating, cultural deep-dive into the colorful streets of Southeast Asia, my life’s passion has been to provide timeless photos of unforgettable experiences for couples all around the world.

It’s an unbelievable honor to capture sacred memories that my clients will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. These courses are an expression and distillation of everything I’ve learned and loved about photography, travel, human connection, and conscientious entrepreneurialism over the course of my career. I got to where I am by completely immersing myself into my craft. I want to help you get there too.

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I’m confident that the content in this course will literally change the way you see the world. I’ve seen the incredible impact that this knowledge has had on people, over and over again, and I’m so excited to finally make this information available to everyone. By the end of this course, you will be able to recognize and identify why you love certain images, and feel confident in the tools you’ve learned to implement these skills into your work.



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“Everything you’ve been trying to achieve relies on this assumption that you have really strong work, but you can’t stand out in a saturated industry without exceptional composition.”

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Learn how to cultivate the art of authentic storytelling in your work

Reviews & Testimonials

Brittany Hamann

Madison Nicole

Alyssa Vanzo


Life changing


The composition and storytelling courses have truly changed my outlook on my work in such a positive way.

Thank you for creating this education that I truly feel will change my work and my business in incredible ways!

Anni! I’m watching your storytelling course and I’ve never resonated with anything so much!

Everything from how you speak about marriage, to the need for quiet space to connect, to intentionally leaving time during a shoot for “breaks”… I feel like I’m watching myself through another person.

It’s so inspiring to watch how you pivoted your entire business around self-awareness, and how you’ve allowed your own life experiences to inspire your process.

I can’t say enough how much I love this course, and how desperately its needed by every wedding or couple photographer. Thank you!

I was so excited for Immersed Education to be released, and I immediately purchased both courses. I’ve been so inspired by these courses, and I’m setting up some personal shoots to begin practicing everything I’ve learned.

I wanted to thank you for creating such amazing courses. I can’t wait to get out and shoot with these comp tips in mind soon, and also implement the storytelling techniques. After watching the storytelling course I’m realizing this is what truly inspires and fulfills me – meeting couples where they are and just documenting what is important to them.