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Composition gives you the tools to know how to frame an image in an emotionally captivating way while storytelling is your unique take on what you see, who you are interacting with, and what you ultimately create.

As a photographer, finding the balance between carefully composing a photo and seeing what’s beyond your lens is a lifelong pursuit.

These courses are intentionally broken apart to compartmentalize the technical and creative sides of photography. This allows you to take the time to learn and practice each set of skills individually before ultimately combining them in your work.

I created these courses with the intention that they would be experienced together.

There are times I refer to the composition course in the storytelling course and vice versa. The composition course is very content heavy. While it’s important to understand each compositional technique that I teach, the material comes to life through the live shoot in the storytelling course.

The art of storytelling is incredibly important on it’s own, but without the knowledge of how to powerfully communicate through composition, you will lack the ability to create truly captivating work time and time again.


“Composition and storytelling are two sides of the same story.”

By experiencing these two courses together, you will have a complete understanding of how to work with your couples and compose captivating images that are filled with deep meaning and authentic expression



5 hrs of Content

35 Topics Covered

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You’re desperate for more passion and direction in your work

You’re tired of feeling lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed in a saturated industry

You’re ready to tap into your full potential as an artist

You hate posing and want to learn how to tell real, honest stories

About the Educator

Anni Graham

Hi, I’m Anni, co-owner of Immersed Education and full-time destination and adventure elopement photographer. Whether it’s a multi-day trek out into the epic, Patagonian wilderness, or a sensorially stimulating, cultural deep-dive into the colorful streets of Southeast Asia, my life’s passion has been to provide timeless photos of unforgettable experiences for couples all around the world.

It’s an unbelievable honor to capture sacred memories that my clients will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. These courses are an expression and distillation of everything I’ve learned and loved about photography, travel, human connection, and conscientious entrepreneurialism over the course of my career. I got to where I am by completely immersing myself into my craft. I want to help you get there too.

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I’m so excited to share these courses with you. I can’t wait to hear how you experience real change and see how you implement these skills into your work.

These are topics that I’m constantly revisiting in order to find fresh inspiration, focus and direction for myself. I’ve done my best to boil down the countless ideas I’ve encountered and tested during my career into content that you can start implementing immediately. Even after all these years, and all of the countless challenges and difficult days along the way, I am still in love with photography. I love being behind the lens, learning to see people in their best light, and capturing cherished memories in a way that will withstand the test of time. I can only hope that this love is apparent to all of you in these courses, and that your own love for this artform will only grow from here.



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“We’re all in this together.”

Reviews & Testimonials

Monica Perez

Chrysa Leigh

Lauren Hawkins




I just finished both courses and Anni, that was incredible.

After two years of studying course after course, I never noticed anything different in my shoots aside from just getting basic experience, but after finishing this course, my shoot today has been the most rewarding for the future of my career.

I purchased the bundle and just finished both courses and am so blown away!

I have been feeling so stuck and almost sad about my work lately and wasn’t sure what do focus on to change it and then I saw you were releasing these courses! So I just wanted to thank you for providing this information and going over it in such detail, and for being so relatable and vulnerable. I feel like when you look up to photographers you don’t ever think they have bad shoots / feel dissatisfied with their work so it was encouraging to hear you talk about going through that and what you have done is amazing! I have my first couple’s shoot this weekend and am going to implement your courses and this is the most excted I have been for a session in a long time, so thank you!

First of all, who gave you permission to make me cry several times? The vulnerability and authenticity got me in the feelings, yeesh haha and second, SO informative and enlightening – beyond ready to apply it all and probably watch 10 more times. I’ve been in a stuck spot and it’s been frustrating – I think it gets so intimidating when you see other people’s work or milestones and you feel stuck and aren’t progressing – this is just what I needed to remind myself to keep my head down and work on me and my craft, I’m the only one I’m “competing” with and with these improvements and this new knowledge and disire to story tell over pose it will all grow organically I’m sure.

While I still have a lot to learn, I know that it already made a MAGNIFICENT difference and just seeing the results and comparing them to my previous sessions, I can tell that I am on the road to being the photographer that I have always strived to be. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I can’t wait to grow even more.


You won’t regret it.


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