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We are so excited to help creatives grow as humans as well as guide them towards discovering their specific style and skills as photographer's and creator's.
We’ve worked as hard as humanly possible to provide top-of-the-line education on an authentic, community based platform.

Our central goal is that our students will walk away from each IMMERSED experience feeling inspired and completely ready to take their lives and businesses to the next level.

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“Everything you’ve been trying to achieve relies on this assumption that you have really strong work, but you can’t stand out in a saturated industry without exceptional composition.”

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Immersed is here to teach you how to live, think, and work so intentionally, people start to ask you what your secret is…

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“I absolutely loved Anni’s composition course…led to so much more intention and creativity in my work”

“The things that I have learned from Anni through Immersed has taken my work from “marketable” to the next level.”

“She is great at explaining her thought process without over instructing during hands-on learning moments”

I recently attended a workshop where Anni did a lesson on storytelling and I just cannot say enough good things about it! Anni is amazing at her craft and it was incredible to get to learn from her firsthand. She is great at explaining her thought process without over instructing during hands-on learning moments, and she is intentional about every shot she takes. It was a great way to slow down and be reminded of why we do what we do. After soaking up everything she taught, I have so many changes I want to make in my business and the way I shoot! If you get a chance to learn from Anni, take it – you won’t regret it.

A valuable reminder I didn’t necessarily know I needed that has led to so much more intention and creativity in my work. She goes way deeper than the basic idea of composition that we think of when we first hear the word. The course has helped me to evolve my work in an intentional way and developed my eye to search for composition in a way I may have otherwise overlooked during a fast-paced moment or any time, really! I definitely recommend this course to absolutely anyone who wants to take their work to the next level and really capture the eye of their audience-I attribute a lot of my growth over the past year to this course.”

I have learned everything from just simple adjustments that I could apply to create a better image, to the more elaborate skills that go into executing an interesting composition. It has honestly transformed my entire portfolio. I always knew when an image “felt” like a great image. However, having such a deeper understanding of why it felt that way, and how I can use that knowledge to create amazing, captivating thoughtful images has become essential to my work now. Out of countless things I have learned from Anni, and Immersed, the composition aspect might be the single most valuable to me personally. The coolest part about understanding composition is that it's something that will be valuable to your work today, and for years to come.

– Brittany Boote

– Evelyn Barkey

– Brooke Confer

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