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A beginner’s guide to Southern Iceland that will help you plan your travels, give you suggestions for shoot locations, and ideas on where to stay along the way. Iceland is an incredibly popular location for weddings and elopements and this guide will help you plan an amazing experience in the ease.

Gain curated knowledge of popular photography locations so you can help guide your couples, plan your shoots, and learn how to preserve access to these beautiful parts of the world.

What’s included in the guide

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International travel information including the best airports to fly into, car rentals, international currency considerations, and weather

A guide to many of the most popular photography locations along the Southern Coast and how to access them well

Lists of local venues and vendors for weddings as well as airbnb’s perfect for an intimate wedding or elopement

Information on road conditions and necessary precautions

Information on Leave No Trace for wedding photographers, an essential part of preserving access to this beautiful country

This guide will give you the tangible knowledge you need to travel to and around Southern Iceland responsibly and plan an experience for your couples with confidence.



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Why this guide is amazing

You are nervous about booking a shoot in Iceland because you’ve never been there and you don’t know where to go

You want to help plan an elopement that is an experience and you are looking for ideas

You are aware of the overtourism issues that this country is facing and want to know how to travel responsibly

You don’t travel internationally often and you aren’t sure what you need to know

You are helping your couple plan an intimate wedding, but you don’t know where they can host a small event

You are finally planning a shoot in Iceland, but you don’t know the best time of year to go

Plan your experience in Southern Iceland

with confidence

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