Immersed South Africa

4 nights, 5 days | Nov. 30 – Dec. 4 2021

Not just a workshop,

an experience





Wake up in a beautiful safari villa, with endless views over the Welgevonden Game Reserve as you taste locally-sourced food from incredible chefs.

This experience will be unlike any other workshop you’ve attended.

It’s been intentionally created for photographers who have been shooting within the walls of their city, state, or country, and are craving to break out of their local market and get some real, tangible experience in the world.

This workshop is not for the fainthearted and is not simply a portfolio builder or educational experience. Your time at Immersed will push you out of your comfort zone and guide you into discovering a deeper version yourself as a creative and a person. It’s a cultural, physical, emotional, and educational experience. It’s once in a lifetime.

Take an afternoon break by the pool as an elephant comes up to greet you, then follow that elephant on a safari drive into the African bush to an elopement styled shoot.

Gather in the evenings for dinner with new friends that feel like family – a dinner experience where every detail has been perfectly and intentionally planned out just for you.

Soak in the warm South African rays while learning about what true connection and capturing authentic moments really entails.

Imagine being immersed in a new culture and collaborating with like-minded people and forming life-long friendships along the way.

It’s a multifaceted safari lodge stay incorporating luxury accommodation, a dive into the local culture, an interactive experience with the Big Five, all while discovering your unique voice as a storyteller and photographer through teaching sessions, discussions and styled shoots. All located within the Welgevonden Game Reserve.


Our five-star accommodation is a place to rest your mind, stir your senses, and expand your reality.

The Mhondoro Safari Lodge comes with beautifully designed rooms with private decks and en suites, and the property comes with its own private pool, a spa, a yoga room, as well as private game viewing vehicles with a ranger and a private chef. But it’s more than just a place to pamper yourself.

To support conservation efforts, the Reserve limits the number of people who can access the land each day. And by staying at Mhondoro Safari Lodge we have premier access to wildlife on twice-daily game drives, off-road expeditions, and all-hours access to a watering hole.

We’ve chosen a site where you’ll have unparalleled access to wildlife as the Welgevonden Game Reserve is home to over 50 different animals, 300 bird species, and the Big Five – African elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and the largest white rhino population. In addition to experiencing wildlife from the comfort of our accommodation, we’ll be planning hikes and excursions throughout the Waterberg District, as well as planning a full day excursion off the Reserve to a TBA location.

Our workshop is purposely located in a malaria-free, safe area that gives you the freedom to rest easy – all without compromising a real cultural immersion.


It may be your first time in Africa, or even out of the country, so we want to make sure that you have the chance to soak it all in. We want you to truly experience this incredible little slice of South Africa. The unparalleled beauty of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, game safaris, dramatic sunrises over the bush each morning, and open air kitchens making our dinner every night – with every detail, we will be immersing ourselves in the culture around us.

We will have time each day learning destination elopement photography, composition and storytelling from Anni Graham. We have multiple styled shoots planned, but “portfolio building” will not be our main focus here. We want you to try new things, find new perspectives, break out of your comfort zone, and discover what it really takes to tell a story. The location and shoots will easily be some of the most unique work you’ve ever created, but we want you to be intentional with how you use these styled shoots to become a better photographer.

We value time spent together and know from past experiences that this will be a place where you find life-long friends in the industry.

How do you tell a story of a couple, a place, and an experience in a unique and captivating way?

How do you create work that you feel deeply connected to?

How do you develop your ability to see what no one else sees?

How do you stand out in a saturated industry?

How do you get started as a destination elopement photographer?

Where creativity, culture and community meet.

Single Payment of:



Location & Venue

You’ll fly into Johannesburg to meet us, then we’ll travel together to the stunning Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa

We will spend 5 days and 4 nights in South Africa at an all-inclusive luxury safari camp.

You and another student will share a room with a private bathroom. We will settle in and let you recover from jet lag while you lay around the pool, sip a cold glass of wine, and watch elephants come right up to greet you.

We will spend the next few days exploring the Welgevonden Game Reserve on game drives, hiking to beautiful vantage points, and exploring a watering hole – all while learning how to shoot amazing content amidst the African plains.

3 lessons, 4 shoots, countless in-depth discussions and experiences.

All lodging, food, and travel during the workshop, is provided for you.

We will pick you up from the Johannesburg airport on November 30th between 12pm-1pm.

On our last day, we will eat an early breakfast and provide you with transport back to the Johannesburg airport where you can continue to travel or hop on a plane to head back home.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis

We want to be intentional about the community that we create. We want everyone present to have a similar focus, intentionality in their business, desire to take risks and put themselves out there. Applicants should already know the basics of photography and want to grow deeper through discussions, relationships, and this incredible travel experience.

4 nights, 5 days | Nov. 30 – Dec. 4 2021

Immersed South Africa

Not just a workshop, an experience


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Planner, Designer and Stylist

The name is Manda Sue, like “Amanda” without the A.

I own Mae&Co Creative in Portland Oregon. I started Mae&Co over 4 years ago and haven’t stopped going ever since. The only thing I love doing as much as designing and styling is traveling. Our company specializes in bringing together all of our greatest passions – planning, designing and traveling the world to give our clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never forget. When I’m dead and gone, I want people to remember us by saying “they did things different”


Educator & instructor

Hi, I'm Anni, and I currently live in Oregon, but spend most my time traveling with my amazing couples from all around the world to incredible places that are both inspiring and meaningful. When I'm not working, I'm probably traveling with my husband to some bucket list place that feels impossible to miss out on.

I've experienced love, friendship, and human connection to be one of the deepest pursuits in life and feel so honored to be able to document these timeless memories for people all over the world. I find so much meaning in creating experiences for couples that makes them fall more in love with each other and becomes something to look back on and feel for a lifetime


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