Learn how to cultivate the art of authentic storytelling in your work

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Stop posing your couples, start telling real stories.

Do you ever feel tired and burnt out from trying to get your couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera? Trust me, I’ve been there.

I used to believe that in order to get good images, my clients needed to feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera, and when they didn’t, I would leave a shoot feeling drained and discouraged as if I did something wrong. And I constantly heard the same thing from other photographers.

You don’t have to feel this way.

You can tell real, authentic stories, full of emotion and creativity, that are completely unique to who you are, and who your couples are, when you take a step back and allow your couples to show up. This simple shift in perspective changed everything for me, almost immediately, because I realized it’s not about me, it’s about them

For years I was constantly plagued with this feeling of being stuck, comparing myself to other photographers, their work, their personalities, their way of doing business and was so hungry to know why, what was it that I was missing?

I found that I was so focused on constantly entertaining my clients that I didn’t have any space to be creative, to grow as a photographer, to try new things and to ultimately find my own voice in my work.

That’s why we’ve created this course. Because this change in perspective from posing to storytelling changed everything in my business and I want that for you too.

Do you ever feel like…

You can’t figure out how to make your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera

You get stuck constantly posing your clients and don’t feel like you have the time or space to get creative on a shoot

You crave authenticity, emotion and depth in your images, but you just can’t figure out how to evoke this naturally

“I wanna talk about how to go after the moments, how to go after the emotion, and how to cultivate that within yourself so you can learn to see it and learn to capture it within your work.”

You've Sold Me Already

Once you have finished this course, I can guarantee that your work will finally feel like your own.

You will stop constantly feeling the pressure to pose your couples and start focusing on telling real stories in a way that you never thought possible.



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Table of Contents
3 Chapters | 7 Lessons | 2:00 Hours Content
Overview of Content
Anni teaches her unique approach to storytelling, sharing her personal journey from chasing industry trends and ideas of success to realizing what really matters. Discover what it takes to find your own unique voice and create work that you feel deeply connected to. Telling stories is more than a list of tips and tricks, it’s a way of seeing the world. Learn how to leave room for your couples to show you who they really are, while developing the ability to be truly present for the intimate moments that define their relationship.
1. 1. Introduction
5:59 Min.
Why I believe in storytelling
2. Changing Your Perspective
39:50 Min.
Discover your why
6:28 Min.
Presence and observation
8:06 Min.
What influences your work
3. Real Time – Live Action Shooting
9:33 Min.
Location scouting
9:36 Min.
Getting to know your couple
49:32 Min.
Live demo – couple’s shoot

This course is going to be a lifesaver for you if …

You are a photographer that wants to become a better storyteller … not just a person clicking a button a million miles an hour

You feel burnt out with posing your couples and are struggling to know what to do or say to get your couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera

You hate posing

Everything is about to change.





You will stop comparing yourself to others because your work will feel like your own.

You will stop constantly feeling pressure to pose and entertain your couples and start telling real, authentic stories.

You will feel deeply connected to your work.

You will have more room to be creative, try new things, and experiment on your shoots, while your couples will feel less pressure and awkwardness in front of the camera.

About the Educator

Anni Graham

Hi, I’m Anni, co-owner of Immersed Education and full-time destination and adventure elopement photographer. Whether it’s a multi-day trek out into the epic, Patagonian wilderness, or a sensorially stimulating, cultural deep-dive into the colorful streets of Southeast Asia, my life’s passion has been to provide timeless photos of unforgettable experiences for couples all around the world.

It’s an unbelievable honor to capture sacred memories that my clients will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. These courses are an expression and distillation of everything I’ve learned and loved about photography, travel, human connection, and conscientious entrepreneurialism over the course of my career. I got to where I am by completely immersing myself into my craft. I want to help you get there too.

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I’m not here to define who you are or tell you what to do. I’m here to connect you back to what truly matters in an industry where there is always going to be something new to learn, someone more talented than you, and challenging situations that will make you want to quit.

This course is about connecting to yourself, your couples, and your business in a way that is empowering.



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“It’s time to go deeper, to look within yourself and discover what truly drives you and learn how to reflect that understanding in your work.”

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Mastering the fundamentals of light, framing, and visual perspective in photography.

Reviews & Testimonials

Megan Putney

Erika Laub

Carissa Marie




Anni, I just finished both of your courses. Wow. I felt emotional purchasing your course but actually diving into them was an incredible experience.

Hi Anni!! I just have to you know that your composition and story telling courses are already having usch an impact on my work and the way I approach shooting and I can’t thank you enough for creating something so pricelessly valuable and helpful.

Oh my goodness I’m not even halfway through the composition course and my mind is absolutely blown!

This is stuff that I wish I had known about for years I can’t believe I’m just learning about it now. Thank you so much I am seriously so excited for this wedding season I’ve been feeling so down with COVID and how everything is been playing out with postponed and canceled weddings and now I know that those weddings that I am going to photograph this year are going to be done with so much great thought and intention. I really wish that I bought the storytelling course as well. Next time!

Truly. I feel like your courses were the missing pieces I needed to really create images that feel meaningful to me and to my couples. I finished the courses feeling hopeful and looking forward to not posing. There is so much depth to these courses, more than the things you actually said, and watching you put everything into action in the live session with Manda really solidified everything. Thank you, seriously for putting this out into the world. It was so needed.

I used to feel like I’d kinda of just place people in front of a general area that looked nice without giving much though to the lines or framing it was creating and now I feel like I can envision a full frame shot before it even happens. I’m still working thorugh the courses but I had to just say thank you!


You won’t regret it.


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