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BY ANNI GRAHAM & Manda Worthington


Details are a significant part of any story

There is so much intention and effort behind the design of a wedding. From colors to textures, installations, florals, and light – capturing it all in a cohesive and intentional way is so important. I used to feel like photographing details was just another part of the wedding day that I needed to check off my list. To be honest, I focused more on the people, emotions, and interactions. Working closely with Manda over the years has shown me that details are a significant part of any story.

Reaching out and allowing wedding designers to influence the way you photograph their details will take your galleries from “pretty good” to the world of luxury weddings.

I used to try to take “pretty photos” of the details. I thought about things like composition, keeping backgrounds empty of clutter, using different lenses to create certain effects. But what I've learned over the past few years working with Manda has dramatically changed my focus in this area.

Oftentimes storytelling is only associated with people – the bride and groom, the family, the guests. Photographing the details of a wedding is viewed as being just another part of the day. You try to do them well, beautifully even. But there is so much more to photographing details than simply making sure you “got them all.”

I wish I knew the things I know now about the power of collaboration back when I had that mindset. Learning to consider details as a central part of my process, and learning from the artists who make those details so special in the first place, has transformed the way I shoot weddings. I believe that working collaboratively turns good artists into great ones.

Do you ever feel like…

You wonder how some photographers produce such amazing variety in their work while keeping the quality of their images so consistently high

You feel resistance or competitiveness with wedding designers rather than finding ways to enhance the quality of each other's work and build professional relationships

You wish your images contained more depth or meaning but you’re not sure what you could be missing

In this course, I interview Manda and discover some of the struggles of working with photographers, get a deeper perspective on the concept behind the details, and share information on how we work together that we've never shared before.

You've Sold Me Already

Once you have finished this course, I guarantee you will discover ways to create consistent, high-end galleries that will take your business to new heights.

You will discover the untapped potential of collaborative storytelling in an industry that is often isolating and competitive.



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A behind the scenes shoot of how Anni Graham photographs bridal portraits.

About the Educator

Anni Graham

Hi, I’m Anni, co-owner of Immersed Education and full-time destination and adventure elopement photographer. Whether it’s a multi-day trek out into the epic, Patagonian wilderness, or a sensorially stimulating, cultural deep-dive into the colorful streets of Southeast Asia, my life’s passion has been to provide timeless photos of unforgettable experiences for couples all around the world.

It’s an unbelievable honor to capture sacred memories that my clients will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. These courses are an expression and distillation of everything I’ve learned and loved about photography, travel, human connection, and conscientious entrepreneurialism over the course of my career. I got to where I am by completely immersing myself into my craft. I want to help you get there too.

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If you are looking for a stepping stone towards shooting higher caliber weddings, this course is absolutely for you. Learning how to photograph details in ways that tell stories beautifully, engagingly, and authentically will give you an edge with any wedding planner, designer, or client.

The importance of collaborating with your vendors is so often understated or ignored by photographers, and after watching this course you will see why this is one of the most important aspects of every wedding day.

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“Details are more than just a table setting, a pair of shoes, or a paper invitation, they're the little things your client spent so much time and effort on in order to tell their unique story.”

Reviews & Testimonials

Ginger Berryman

Paula McCaslin

Valerie Myers




I can't believe how eye opening it is to view a bridal session photoshoot as it is happening.

As usual, the Immersed team does an incredible job by approaching photography education as a mindset shift.

This course is packed with so many HUGE takeaways- I’m completely blown away.

These new courses are so incredibly engaging and thorough. Not only are you watching Anni do her thing (that in itself will set your soul on fire), she’s explaining her shots, creative intention and GEAR during each moment of the shoot.

Anni's Storytelling with Bridal Portraits mini course is so packed with details and ideas that “mini” is not even an accurate word. I can't wait to go out and practice what I learned!

It’s the most valuable thing I got from the foundational storytelling course, and it continues into these mini courses. So grateful for the educational content that makes space for things to be done differently and intentionally (it’s difficult to find in the internet trend era!).


You won’t regret it.


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