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In person experiences that inspire you to change the way you think, shoot, work and live

Not just a workshop

…an experience

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These retreats are not solely focused on content but rather experiencing a place and its culture.


Imagine yourself waking up in a beautiful safari villa, or in a dewey jungle retreat, or with the sound of the ocean out your window. We choose locations and lodging that immersed you in your surroundings, all over the world.


Picture yourself sitting poolside, or around a fire, or hiking to a glacier and taking in your surroundings, breathing in a new smell, in a new place. We choose activities that are intentional and help you really experience a place.

This experience will be unlike any other workshop you’ve attended.

For the photographer who has been shooting within the walls of their city or state, or even within the U.S., and is craving to break out of their market and get some real, tangible experience in new places.

This workshop is not for the fainthearted and its not simply a portfolio builder. Your time at immersed will not only push you deeper as a creative but as a person as well. We want you to get out of your box.

Think about gathering for dinner at night – a dinner where every detail has been perfectly and intentionally planned out just for you. We believe that communal meals connect us with each other in unique and purposeful ways.

Imagine late night discussions, asking vulnerable questions, learning valuable lessons about not just your craft and your business, but about your life, your heart and your purpose.

Think about having time to get the perfect shot. With hands-on training and guidance, our shoots focus on storytelling and true composition. We want you to take in your surroundings and connect with your subjects in an authentic and meaningful way.

More days, luxury lodging, catered meals, immersive experiences, purposeful activities, incredible content, intentional lessons, vulnerable discussions


The One-Day Portfolio Builder

This one-day experience will be hosted at a beautiful cabin on the Wilson River near the iconic Oregon Coast.

There will be multiple unique shooting locations on the property from the lush river bank to the minimalist, neutral interiors of the cabin, as well as a sunset session on the Oregon Coast.

When you are not shooting, you are welcome to go on a walk, sit by the river, chat with Anni or Benj, or bring your computer and edit your photos.

3 hrs of training from Anni & Benj, 2 styled shoots, 2 locations, 6+ hrs of hands on shooting

Lunch and dinner is included as well as snacks throughout the day

Lodging is not provided but there are many hotels and airbnb's nearby

We will be creating a private group chat for all attendees to coordinate travel and lodging if desired

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We spare zero expense when planning our in-person experiences.

We choose locations that are awe-inspiring. From the view out your window to the excursions we take you on, we want you to feel truly immersed in the experience.

All food and drinks are provided during your stay as well as any travel needed while onsite. We source locally made, fresh food that is safe to eat, no matter what country we are in, and will leave you wanting more. We, at Immersed, are experts in traveling and we'll do anything necessary to make sure you're always taken care of, fed and nourished with all health and safety precautions being thought of before hand.

We always pick unique lodging options for our retreats. From riads in Morocco to safari camps in South Africa, you can be sure that we have found the most beautiful, comfortable and accommodating lodging for your in-person experience.

The content we provide is unparalleled. Not only will it be stunning and unique but we pride ourselves on diversity and inclusiveness. We have a world renowned design and styling team and will pull out all the stops for you to get the shot of your dreams.

Our retreats are purposefully planned and intentionally curated to give you the best experience possible. Safety is a top priority, giving you the freedom to rest easy – all without compromising real cultural immersion.


This may be your first time at a photography workshop or maybe even in a new location. So we want to make sure that we soak it all in. We want you to really experience the places we take you. From hiking in the mountains to trekking through jungles, walking through medina's and swimming in the ocean – with every detail, we will be immersing ourselves in the culture around us.

We have multiple styled shoots planned, but portfolio building will not be our main focus here. We aren’t going to be teaching “posing” or telling you how to get your couples to play games with one another.

Because in reality, if you are predominantly a wedding photographer then you pose your couples probably 1/16 of the time, and the rest of the wedding is refined photojournalism. What we want to do is to focus on the art of storytelling and the true foundation of photography… perfect composition.

How can you learn to tell the story of a couple and a place that is unique and captivating?

How can you stand out in the sea of photographers?

How do you capture moments as they happen, see what no one else sees, and then focus on the in-between.

How can you compose your work so perfectly that it makes jaws drop.

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Glacier National Park, Montana

Days will be spent outdoors, either at our private glamping site or exploring the stunning landscapes of Glacier National Park.

The Roam Beyond experience is one spent connecting and unwinding in nature, morning yoga surrounded by mountain views, unique roaming cabins with outdoor seating areas, group campfires and hot showers.

This experience will fuel the soul of an adventurer, hiking deep into the backcountry to a styled shoot at a pristine glacier lake, all while discovering how to seamlessly photograph couples in nature to highlight grandiosity and beauty of a place.

We intentionally chose a location that gives us close access to the breathtaking landscapes of this national park during one of the best months of the year.

July 25th – 29th, 2022 | 4 days, 4 nights

All meals, drinks, lodging and travel while onsite will be provided for you

3 lessons, 4 shoots, countless in-depth discussions and experiences


Todos Santos, Mexico

As this may be your first time traveling and shooting in a different country, we want to give you everything you need to build confidence throughout this experience. From packing lists to personal check in's from the Immersed team, you will be supported throughout the entire process.

We will have time each day learning what it takes to become a successful destination elopement photographer, from marketing to how to create stand out images from Anni Graham. We have multiple styled shoots planned, but “portfolio building” will not be our main focus here. We want you to try new things, find new perspectives, break out of your comfort zone, and discover what it really takes to tell a story. The location and shoots will easily be some of the most unique work you’ve ever created, but we want you to be intentional with how you use these styled shoots to become a better photographer.

We value time spent together and know from past experiences that this will be a place where you find life-long friends in the industry.

November 8th – 12th, 2022 | 4 days, 4 nights

All meals, drinks, lodging and travel while onsite will be provided for you

3 lessons, 4 shoots, countless in-depth discussions and experiences


All retreats are application based

The reason behind our application process is we want to be intentional about the community that we create. We want everyone present to have a similar focus, intentionality in their business, desire to take risks and put themselves out there. To already know photography and want to grow deeper through discussions, relationships, and this incredible travel experience.


Immersed Retreats

Not just a workshop. An Experience.


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Planner, Designer and Stylist

Hey, I'm Manda and I live all over the West Coast.

I own Mae&Co Creative, a destination based, luxury wedding planning company. I started Mae&Co in 2015 and haven’t stopped going ever since. The only thing I love doing as much as designing and styling, is traveling. Our company specializes in bringing together all of our greatest passions – planning, designing and traveling the world to give our clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never forget. My love for people and bringing joy to those around me fuels my passion for creating authentic and unique events that will be talked about for ages.


Educator & instructor

Hi, I'm Anni, and I currently live in Oregon, but spend most my time traveling with my amazing couples from all around the world to incredible places that are both inspiring and meaningful. When I'm not working, I'm probably traveling with my husband to some bucket list place that feels impossible to miss out on.

I've experienced love, friendship, and human connection to be one of the deepest pursuits in life and feel so honored to be able to document these timeless memories for people all over the world. I find so much meaning in creating experiences for couples that makes them fall more in love with each other and becomes something to look back on and feel for a lifetime

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