Start Feeling Connected to Your Work

How the Storytelling Course by Anni Graham Will Change Your Photography

It’s time to feel a connection to your craft.

Oftentimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of busy photography seasons, and in turn feel like you’re aimlessly pointing and shooting, hoping you get the perfect shot.

Immersed is here to change the narrative. We want our students to invest in education that will create lifelong change in their imagery.

Here are a few accounts from students who have taken our courses, along with the images that they’ve captured. We hope this inspires you as much as it inspires us.

“Taking @annigraham‘s composition courses and I’m already seeing things differently…and from this day forward, every head that I have ever chopped with the horizon will haunt my dreams…

Last night I went through some of my old work from when I first started. From cringeworthy captions to terribly edited photos with the worst white balance, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at myself. The way I posed clients, my editing style, and even my verbiage reflected everything of a wannabe blogger/“adventurous photographer for the wildly in love”. The saddest part is that all of this was only 3 years ago.

Do not photograph with the intention to gain more likes and followers on Instagram. Instead, study your craft; find out what you like – what you love. INVEST IN EDUCATION, it will pay itself off. It will even help you find yourself and your niche in this oversaturated industry. “ @suzlundeenphoto

“One of the most valuable things I’ve adjusted in my process recently, in large part thanks to Immersed Education, is how I prep for a new location.

And if I’m honest, a lot of times my “scouting” has looked like me looking at other people’s work, finding those spots, and scrambling to produce something “unique” ..instead of giving myself time and trusting in my own ability to “see.”

When I found this spot, at this angle, there was something special about it. I loved how the lines and colors interacted, and I could envision a portion of our portrait time here.

This is an image that I am incredibly proud of because it was inspired solely by what I saw and experienced.” @_oliviayuen

“I recently had the privilege of taking Anni Graham’s new composition course by Immersed Education. This course is not just one about how to take a pretty picture. It forces you to reconsider HOW and WHY you are doing photography. It’s a shift in intentionality from just shooting away and hoping to get the shot, to carefully crafting each image with the vision of what do I want my couples to feel when they look back on this and how do I achieve that? What story do I want to tell?

It has already changed my perspective and photos so much and I can’t wait to share some of them! If you’re a photographer who has felt something is missing from your work or if it’s just not quite where you want it to be then I highly recommend this course! Anni pours her heart into teaching and equipping photographers and teaches so many practical ways to improve how you use your images to capture moments in a truly powerful way.” @oakandivyphotography_

“I recently took an awesome composition and storytelling course by the amazingly talented @annigraham (my all time favorite photographer) @immersed_education. These courses talk about a lot of important parts of photography that tend to be overlooked by the wedding industry.

For starters Anni had an in-depth conversation about composition and what a big difference it can make in your photography- this is something you are taught in school it’s the base of all art but it tends to get overlooked especially in the digital age. The other course about storytelling is a little more complicated for me to explain haha but basically, Anni encourages you to not put yourself in the photos- meaning ditch posing and prompting so that you are documenting totally organic moments with your subject. This is something that is not easy and requires time. Anyway last evening I did my first couples session trying to keep everything I learned in mind -no posing or prompting – focus on composition- and most importantly be intentional. So I met up with these three beautiful souls at one of my favorite spots – we talked and I stalked with my camera for 2 hours.” @carolynjorgensenphotography

If you’re wanting to see transformation in your work too, we’re inviting you in with open arms. Check out the Storytelling Course here.

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